Wisdom Good Morning Quotes.

Wisdom Good Morning Quotes.

Waking up with a beautiful smile every morning is the surefire way to start and end your day in a very positive way.

But because life has it’s ups and downs, it is never a guarantee that you will wake up feeling good every other day, and for that reason you need some words of encouragement that will put you in the right mood any morning you wake up feeling that bad.

Now there are two basic things that humans need most in life and they are wisdom and knowledge. The former is is gotten naturally while the later can be acquired by means of information, and for that reason, I always put wisdom above knowledge because it’ll make you always come up with the right judgement on any matter.

In this article therefore, I will compile some wisdom good morning quotes that will put you in the right mood each time you wake up feeling that bad. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Wisdom good morning quotes.

1. The number of years you live does not count, but the legacy you will leave behind.

2. Consider every morning you wake as your most important day because there will come so many mornings when you will not wake again.

3. Water has no flavor, color nor shape, and that’s exactly how honest relationships exists.

4. If you can remain polite till ten in the morning, the rest of your day is going to run smoothly as you imagined.

5. Never wake up searching for money because you are likely going to pass it by, rather do the things that will make the money fly to you.

6. It is today’s beautiful moments that will bring tomorrow’s sweet memories.

7. As light dispels darkness, so does wisdom evict every ignorance, make sure you stay wise today.

8. Never fail to enjoy each moment of your life because they will not last forever.

9. Wherever you go make it an aim to share positive messages.

10. Pleasure and suffering are the two sides of life, one side will always remain visible but never forget that the opposite side is also looking for a chance to overthrow the other.

11. Today’s goals should be: Coffee and kindness. Possibly two coffees should be followed by more kindness.

12. Happy morning! Remember life is like a coin and when you toss it one side will always remain up and the other will definitely go down.

13. Every morning, you can chose to be joyful or depressed, thrilled, moody or stable. So make sure you chose wisely.

14. Never deceive someone who trust you, and never believe a lie you’ve never been told.

15. If you want to achieve that dream you saw last night, make sure you wake up this morning with a positive energy.

16. Your whole existence revolves around the choice you make, especially every morning.

17. Be positive at all times and good things will always come your way.

18. Never let the failures of yesterday override your expectations of today.

19. The sun reminds us every morning that we need to get out of the shadows to let our light shine.

20. If you want your journey to be lighter and simpler, make sure you drop your baggage from the past.

21. Success is not fatal and failure is not deadly, but what counts is the fortitude to carry forward.

22. The best approach to get started and going is to quit talking and start pursuing your goals.

23. The life you currently live is as a result of your past decisions, if you want to live a different life you have to start making alternative decisions.

24. Worry will only steal your today’s delight and will not rob your tomorrow of its pain.

25. Today is a morning unlike any other, a morning that’s brimming with God’s love and gifts.

26. Hello and good morning! This is a great morning, indeed.

27. The ideal way to begin your morning is to get up early and savor the tranquility of the morning.

28. Am saying good morning to you and I hope you are enjoying the best time of your life on this wonderful day. Happy morning!

29. Never miss the beauty of this morning by failing to wake up. I hope you have a fantastic morning.

30. Today’s sunshine is so lovely and I never want you to miss it, so arise and shine!

31. Have a wonderful experience as soon as you awaken.

32. Your actions of today will determine your future and not that of tomorrow.

33. Allow give way for your soul to soar and your heart to open up to others.

34. Your ATTITUDE is the sole factor that separates a good day from a bad day.

35. Life is a finite resource that tastes better when consumed quickly. Live now, and stop pondering afterwards.

36. To make your morning wonderful, consider the dreams you experienced the night before.

37. Success is a function of both how much you can DO and how large of a dream you can have.

38. Happy morning. You might be sad if you fail, but if you don’t attempt, you will never succeed.

39. No matter how slowly you move, you will succeed as long as you keep moving. Get up, start over, and see the possibilities every day.

40. The toughest challenge in the morning is to prevent the outer world from entering my headspace.

41. A hard working man walks with his entire body in the morning and merely his legs in the evening.

42. There are numerous causes for gratitude every day. And the greatest of them all is the fact that you’ve been opportune to see today.

43. Without someone like you, the morning is a dim dawn.

44. The next morning will be as sweet and cheery as ribbon candy if you put in your best this morning.

45. The beautiful thing about the morning is that we are reminded that no matter what we did wrong the previous day, we now have the chance to make amends and improve.

46. The brain is a fantastic organ; it begins to function as soon as you wake up and continues until you enter the workplace.

47. Every brand new day holds the possibility of brand new growth.

48. May all your worries be light, your joy so great, and your cup overflow.

49. Every morning will present you with two choices, either you stay in bed and keep dreaming about them, or get up and start chasing them.

50. Those things you are passionate about are your main calling.

51. Smiles are exceptional investments, the more you collect the better you feel.

52. I am wishing you a day filled with beauty and blessings!