Subconscious Mind Quotes.

Subconscious Mind Quotes.

You can liken your subconscious mind to a very big memory bank that permanently stores everything that happens in your life from the very first day you were born to the last day of your life.

Even though your subconscious mind may be virtually unlimited, and you will not be able to remember everything that transpired in your life, you will realize at times that you are perfectly able to recall something that happened in your life a very long time ago.

This therefore bridges the gap between our subconscious mind and our conscious mind. But then, the good news is that you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to help your conscious mind keep accurate memory of your positive life events and perfectly bring them back whenever you want.

This in essence will always help you to overcome every negative thoughts that might seem to crop up at any given time in your life

In this article therefore, I am going to list and explain the subconscious mind quotes you can use to diffuse all those negative thoughts that might seem to linger in your conscious mind, and in so doing stay positive at all times of your life.

But before I do so, I will take the time to explain the meaning of the subconscious mind and how it really works.

The meaning of subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is simply a place in your body where all the things that transpires in your life from the very day you were born until the day you die are stored. It is the subconscious mind that influences the way you are motivated, your confidence as well as how you look up to the future.

For instance, if the events that occurred in your early life were full of negative things, they are going to replay at various instances in your life, and this might cause you to become hopeless and lose confidence in your ability to become successful in life.

This is why so many people end up being depressed and if case is not taken become suicidal or unfortunate for the rest of their lives.

So to escape this calamities, we must ensure that we fill our subconscious mind with positive thoughts even if the events we are experiencing in our lives seem negative. And one of the ways to do so is by reading subconscious mind quotes every now and then.

What are subconscious mind quotes.

Subconscious mind quotes are the positive words we must always recite, study and try as much as possible to let them occupy our minds so we can use them to escape or sail through very negative occurrences in our lives.

Some of the subconscious mind quotes are short and some are long and for that reason I am going to break down this article into the short and long subconscious mind quote respectively.

Subconscious mind quotes.

In this article, I am going to break down the subconscious mind quotes into the short and long and I hope you utilize all of them to escape every negativity that might seem prevalent in your life.

Short subconscious mind quotes.

The unconscious mind of man sees correctly even when conscious reason is blind and impotent.— Carl Jung

The unconscious is much smarter than the conscious.— Warren Beatty

The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.— W. H. Auden

Intuition is a perception by ways or means of the unconscious.— Carl Jung

Art is a marriage of the conscious and the unconscious.— Jean Cocteau

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.— Theodore Roosevelt

You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition.— W. Clement Stone

The unconscious mind writes poetry if it’s left alone.— Stephen King

All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.— Edgar Allan Poe.

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.— Carl Jung

Habits are a function of your subconscious mind.— Marshall Sylver

Traditions are the guideposts driven deep in our subconscious minds.— Ellen Goodman

The unconscious mind has a habit of asserting itself in the afternoon.— Anthony Burgess

Once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it.— Joseph Murphy

If you can dream it, you can do it.— Walt Disney

Long subconscious mind quotes.

The subconscious mind makes no distinction between constructive and destructive thought impulses. It works with the material we feed it, through our thought impulses.— Napoleon Hill

Our life is composed greatly from dreams, from the unconscious, and they must be brought into connection with action. They must be woven together.— Anais Nin

We cannot always control our thoughts, but we can control our words, and repetition impresses the subconscious, and we are then masters of the situation.— Jane Fonda

All along, you’ve been shaping your destiny unconsciously. But you can also work on it consciously.— Sadhguru

The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind.— Sigmund Freud

Any thought that is passed on to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough is finally accepted.— Robert Collier

The process of change requires you to become conscious of your unconscious self.— Joe Dispenza

A dream is a microscope through which we look at the hidden occurrences in our soul.— Erich Fromm

The unconscious mind works without your knowledge and that is the way it prefers.— Milton H. Erickson

The greatest impediments to changes in our traditional roles seem to lie not in the visible world of conscious intent, but in the murky realm of the unconscious mind.— Augustus Napier

It is a psychological law that whatever we desire to accomplish we must impress upon the subjective or subconscious mind.— Orison Swett Marden

All forms of self-defeating behavior are unseen and unconscious, which is why their existence is denied.— Vernon Howard

Only one thing registers on the subconscious mind: repetitive application — practice. What you practice is what you manifest.— Fay Weldon

When the subconscious mind must choose between deeply rooted emotions and logic, emotions will almost always win.— T. Harv Eker

When you’re attracted to someone, it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously. So what we think of as fate is just two neuroses knowing that they are a perfect match.— Nora Ephron

In order to reprogram the subconscious mind, you need to relax the body. Release the tension. Let the emotions go.— Louise Hay

The conscious mind determines the actions, the unconscious mind determines the reactions; and the reactions are just as important as the actions.— E. Stanley Jones

The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfilment.— Earl Nightingale

The only difference between me and most people is that I’m perfectly aware that all my important decisions are made for me by my subconscious.— Rex Stout

In addition to our immediate consciousness, which is of a thoroughly personal nature, there exists a second psychic system of a collective, universal, and impersonal nature which is identical in all individuals.— Carl Jung

Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees.— Joseph Murphy

Act with purpose, courage, confidence, competence and intelligence until these qualities lock in to your subconscious mind.— Brian Tracy.

Let a man radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life.— James Allen

To bring anything into your life, imagine it’s already there.— Richard Bach

Think the thought until you believe it, and once you believe it, it is.— Abraham Hicks

Our life is shaped by our mind. We become what we think.— Buddha

The person who sends out positive thoughts activates the world around him positively and draws back to himself positive results.— Norman Vincent Peale

The world is nothing but your own magnified mind.— Osho

Listen closely to your invisible thoughts. What do you hear? What are your words implying? That is their potency. What do you want? Name it and rearrange the structure of your mind to imply you no longer desire it, because you already have it!— Neville Lancelot Goddar